Kate Middleton arrives in Scotland with a Zara blazer (copied from Diana) which is sold out in a few minutes

Kate Middleton arrives in Scotland with a Zara blazer (copied from Diana) which is sold out in a few minutes

Choose to wear Blue-scotland This is the best move for Kate Middleton for her first official engagement with her husband William, visiting the country dangerously inclined to accede to the nationalists’ demands for independence. Is called Fashion diplomacy The ‘discipline’ that teaches how clothing is used in a political way and the Duchess of Cambridge has always managed it with skill and success: to send a useful message to express support and affection for a country Is about using clothes and accessories to support the case, or ideas that he and other royals, as the “silent ambassadors” of the United Kingdom, cannot put into words.


The look worn by Kate, when read with this lens, says a lot: Tribute to scotland Because it has the flag tone, but it also expresses Proximity to common people Because it is signed by Zara, an accessible and comprehensive brand. Blazer costs only £ 59.99, 59.95 euros in European countries, and certainly sold out soon after the Duchess’ expected first appearance on Scottish soil, right in North Lanarkshire to visit a body that helps homeless, Turning Point Scotland.

Duchess Attraction Aggressive – as defined by the tabloid Daily Mail – was launched on the first occasion of a series of joint commitments that the pair made before William returned to London, during a short trip by William on Thursday 27 May, starting last Friday 21 Will and led alone by this time. Before leaving, he defined it as “important” from a personal point of view: “Scotland has a special place in my heart”, he said, because “its happiest memories” and “the saddest” are associated with it ‘.

Kate (39) and William (38) met here in Scotland, About twenty years ago: The convict was St. Andrew’s University where the two met, in their early twenties, and fell in love. For the prince, studying there was a useful option to guarantee him independence, which would not occur from the repeated arrival of Eaton, who stands in front of the windows of Windsor Castle and is therefore subjected to constant scrutiny by the royal family. Used to prepare for. And press. Furthermore, choosing Scotland was an idea that Grandma Queen supported with conviction, as it guaranteed to maintain a good relationship with a country that was always on the verge of independence. For Kate, she had made a different choice for her studies, but careful evaluation by Mama Carroll prompted her to transfer to the university, which the royal descendants attended.

The couple promised to visit their university, meet students and listen to their stories of “endurance” and study in a difficult year during this trip.

Eventually, Tribute to diana in kate’s look This does not evade the most observant observer: In combination with the blazer + electric blue pleated skirt, it is easy to see what Lady D Lady Diana wore during a 1992 visit to the city of Nottingham with her sister Sarah McCorquadale.

Lady Diana wears an electric blue blazer + pleated skirt with her sister Sarah McCorquadale in 1992 in Nottingham, similar to Kate Middleton

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