Kate Middleton, Between Tribute to Scotland and Children’s Education (at home)

Kate Middleton, tra l’omaggio alla Scozia e l

Kate Middleton, Tartan edition. Duchess, together Husband william, Make Short video on the occasion of Burns Night, An ancient Scottish tradition that celebrates one’s life and work Poet symbol For the country, Robert burns of course. Here is the reasonApparel Future queen in union, thank you in that clip Health workers Who is fighting Kovid Forefront.

“Today it’s usually a Good Day, Where the Scots gather and They party. Unfortunately this year it is a bit different», Says Kate,« For someone like you who is struggling tirelessly Epidemic To protect vulnerable groups ». Hence Cambridge has offeredPrices of around 200 based on Haggis Traditional Scottish Sausage – For Employees Ninevels Hospital By Dundee.

“Wish Do you like that And we hope to spend together soon The best momentsIncluded the Duchess, connected to her house Norfolk. Right there, in the royal residence In Rural areas because of Taro lockdown, He is studying his older children, George (() E Chalat (5): “Kate is very involvedInstruction For their children, “he told Fine! magazine Royal expert Katie Nicole.

“To both Love to learnSo i’m beautiful self dependent When it comes to learning Zoom. But the school also asks Practical projects, This is how parents play, “he specified.« Also, the Duchess loves Work in the open air, He knows the benefits: So he doesn’t want kids to spend too much time In front of a monitor, Take them out as soon as they have a break ».

With him onlyBut also with Rain: «He pushes his children as much as possible Exposure to nature, Takes them along to collect them The vegetables in the garden. And try to include something in their walk Subjects of studyNicole was included. «Charlotte is for example A spider lover: They often find them so that you can see them up close and get to know them first. Let them go»

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it’s also Training, Kate Kate.


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