Kate Middleton visits Scotland: Adorable video with a little boy melts internet users

Kate Middleton visits Scotland: Adorable video with a little boy melts internet users

Prince William and his wife Kate are on a royal tour of Scotland these days. On May 26, the princess traveled to Okeny to inspect a clean and integrated energy system in Orkney. The opportunity to meet children from nearby schools anew …

William and Kate are currently in Scotland for a royal trip, a trip that has a special taste 20 years ago for a couple who knew each other on the bench of St. Andrews University : “Needless to say that the city where you meet your future wife lives A very special place in your heart, He was moved when he arrived at Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh. George, Charlotte and Louis Already know how much Scotland is dear to both of us, and They also start making pleasant memories here. We believe iThey share our love and connection with Scotland, from the Highlands to the Central Belt, from the islands to the borders ”. since The prince and his wife roam around the country to meet people. Yes Harry’s brother was a hit with a nonagenarian named BettyHis wife went to meet the children …

In love !

Kate Middleton who traveled to Okeny to inspect the clean energy system Was in orkney Waiting by many children from local schools. And one of those children who was excited to question William’s beloved wife As revealed on the video submitted on Twitter on the official Cambridge account. We see the little boy asking Kate: “Are you a prince ” And after the negative – but smiling – response from the princess, ” Are you a princess “.

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The video has won the hearts of many internet users: “So cute”, ” Yes you are in every sense of the word “, “So Cute This Little One”, “So Funny and Cute,” She is amazing with children “,” Perfect class in all circumstances “,”I believe that children expect you to wear a maxi dress and tiara. “,” Incredibly adorable, kids don’t waste time getting straight to the point “Are enthusiastic Duchess of Cambridge fans are happy with the exchange between the future queen and the baby. Kate and William’s love rating Doesn’t seem ready to back down…


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