Kaukab Stewart, Scotland’s first elected black woman

Kaukab Stewart, Scotland's first elected black woman

AGI – Koukab Stewart She is the first black woman to be elected to the Scottish Parliament in its 22-year history. A former teacher, a freedom activist for over twenty years, is 53 years old One of the most important faces of the Scottish National Party (Snp).

Stewart, who had already tried to run in five separate elections, won the Glasgow Calvin constituency, overtaking the Green candidate with more than 5,000 priorities.

After the victory, she thanked her constituents, pointing out that it was “an honor” for her to be the first black woman to cross this milestone. “It’s been too long, but I can tell all women and girls of color that the Scottish Parliament now belongs to them all,” and then adds that it won’t be the last.

Party leader Nicola Sturgeon stated that “He could not be more proud of accomplishment“And said she was” thrilled to see Koukab Stewart elected. “

Stewart spoke in an interview with the BBC before the elections, about his passion for politics born with the first candidacy in 1999 elections against Donald Dewar. “The SNP was very different in those days. We didn’t expect to win, but that adventure set me high. And this fire kept burning for the next several decades.”

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