Kovid delays second dose of vaccine actions: Scotland case silences Italian solan

seconda dose vaccino

In Italy, AIFA, CTS and eminent virologists have protested: It is a risk, he said, that it is better to administer two doses of the vaccine within 3 or 4 weeks. Instead, a few months after this debate, the study confirms British strategy To administer as many first doses as possible, a delay of the second to three months, proved to be successful. To give reasons to those who have chosen a different path from us, in fact, simulation not only on healthy patients, but Studies and cases related to vaccination campaigns Real. Above all Scotland case. Edinburgh gave the first dose to nearly a fifth of the population (1.14 million out of 5.4 million) and saw Reduced risk of hospitalization between 85 and 94%, Depending on whether the vaccine was Pfizer or AstraZeneca.

Scotland: Results with single dose of vaccine

Hailed as Scottish achievements “Spectacular” From the report of the technicians conducted by BBC. Edinburgh health officials have spoken of the findings “Very encouraging”. An enthusiasm that benefits from real numbers. The studio was running on 8 December, the day 91-year-old Margaret Keenan got married Vaccination campaign. And it lasted until 15 February. In the period in question, as reported Corriere della SerraResearchers collected data admitted to hospital, Of Imperfection, Of God Fingering And compared them to people who were already First dose.

Pfizer in the hospital with -85%, AstraZeneca with -94%

The study, which included both Pfizer and AstraZeneca and which according to researchers can also be used in other countries that use the same vaccine, has shown that, Five weeks after first administration, Was hospitalized 85% reduction In which he received Pfizer I was born in 94% In which he received AstraZeneca. Percentages that remain too high even though we only consider the population to be more than this 80 years old. In this case, the risk of severe forms is reduced81%, And despite 50% of the sample presented comorbidities.

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Studies on the effectiveness of AstraZeneca over time

There is also a study published to support the observation of Scottish data Knife, Which is particularly worrying AstraZeneca. It emerges that one dose is sufficient to guarantee 76% security, In between three weeks and three months. Not only that, the really striking fact is that this time limit has been exceeded. Protection rises to 82% And virus transmission drops to 67%. Even before this reaction on concrete matters I test the clinic Held until the beginning of December on Astrazeneca. He gave the same result to all: Effectiveness increases by removing dosages over time. With the double benefit of being available to administer to as many people as possible.

IIFA’s Reactions to Anti-Kovid Vaccines

so when England Has established Contraceptive WHO signs Apart from two doses for two weeks, he did not gamble, as there were many indications in these parts as well. but A considered option Based on pre-existing scientific data. And in respect of which the AIFA document is entitled Questions and Answers on Kovid-19 VaccinesIn response to the question on page 16 on the British strategy regarding Pfizer, we read that «Vaccination with a population A dose Sees her Kovid’s risk of getting sick was only half»

Proposal to review time for astrazeneca supplements

After this down, On page 21, talking about AstraZeneca, The same document states that “Provisional authorization by Emma and IIFA Provides for the administration of a second dose of vaccine included in an interval Between 28 and 84 days (Ie between 4 and 12 weeks from first administration, ed). “However – it is specified – new data Seems to have been collected from ongoing studies Opportunity to indicate a longer interval between the first and second dose“. So, the document goes on, it’s okay to study Lancet, “AIFA considers it useful to indicate the administration of a second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, ideally during, according to a similar opinion of the High Health Council of 3 February 2021 Twelfth week. And in any case at least ten weeks after the first dose ». In short, he “considered it useful” to adopt the English Protocol.

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