Kovid: GB, Scotland and Wales pubs also re-open inside – world

Kovid: Cold reception for Will and Kate in Scotland and Wales - Europe

The reopening of pubs in Scotland and Wales with heavy bookings from today, one-two weeks after the United Kingdom, England’s biggest nations, at the most awaited stop by the British with the gradual easing of the last adversary. Kovid Lockdown.

Contrary to the decision made by Boris Johnson’s central government – only competent in cases of health emergencies in England – separatists and Labor-led Scottish and Welsh local governments, however, opted for rapid reinstatement of service after about 4 months There is a total halt to the activity of the island’s pubs: authorizing patrons’ access not only to the outside – as is now expected on English soil – but also indoors.

However, even in Scotland and Wales, the ban on indoor alcohol consumption remains at least until 17 May: something that has not been stopped since this morning, by booking people for “coffee or tea” over the counter Is flooded, many managers say. Waiting to take out a pint of beer.

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