Kovid Scotland, strict lockout

Kovid Scotland, strict lockout

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced further strengthening of lockdown measures in Scotland to prevent the spread of coronovirus infection. All non-essential stores will no longer operate under the ‘click-and-collect’ system, a service that allows for online shopping and in-store pick-up, but only by appointment, while taking the bar and restaurant without -Out service must be provided Allow customers to enter the premises.

In addition, starting on Saturday, the consumption of alcohol in public in all the ‘red zones’ will be outlawed, companies will be obliged, where possible, to employ their employees from home and only in homes Necessary repair work will be permitted. ‘By plumbers, brickmakers or electricians. Current rules will also be revised, so that Scots are forced to live inside their homes, but there are no “necessary” reasons.

“Matters are still high and the new versions are so contagious that we need to be as tough and effective as possible to prevent the spread,” Sturgeon told Scottish MPs. The new version of the virus, the First Minister said, now accounts for 60 per cent of infections in Scotland. The new measures, he said, are “an essential means to an end”.

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