Last concert at Kampa Hall: “Scottish Music Parade” on 6 December in Minden | Mind

 Last concert at Kampa Hall:

Minden (MT/CKO). Kampa Hall opens its doors once again. “The Scottish Music Parade” from Edinburgh will stop at 8pm on Tuesday 6th December. Viewers experience Celtic magic and Scottish joie de vivre. As the final cultural event before the renovation – and therefore with a new program – bagpipe players, drummers, composers, singers and dancers, all straight from Edinburgh, Scotland, took the audience through Scotland for an evening of an exciting and diverse take you on a trip.

Against the backdrop of a castle with towers and battleships – imitating a Scottish castle – artists always present new aspects of Scottish culture. If the impressive sound of bagpipes and drums roared through the hall and captured the people in the stands, the next moment the soulful ballads filled with longing and space create a heady silence in the hall.

The artists involved are some of the best that Scotland has to offer. Most of the participants are regulars at the world famous Edinburgh Tattoos. Bagpipe players and drummers include multiple winners of international competitions and world champions on their instruments. Artists always enter the stage in new forms, fabulous traditional costumes and costumes.



Tickets are available from the Express Ticketing Service by telephone (05 71)/8 82 77 and online,

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