Last year he risked drowning in Scotland –

Last year he risked drowning in Scotland -

The premier found himself in difficulty because of the current that pushed him further and further into the sea. He told his colleagues that he would never return to Scotland

Live like nine cats? Certainly 2020 was a year full of events and momentous moments for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who apart from becoming a father, He risked dying not once but twice. Covid first, in early April, with the transfer to intensive care and constant monitoring by doctors, and in the summer the treacherous waters of Applecross Bay in the north-west part of Scotland, where Johnson was on holiday with his partner Carrie and son Wilfred . .

The matter is from last August. Premier had taken a canoe – or surfboard, the dynamics were not very clear. He soon found himself in trouble because of the current that pushed him further and further into the sea. bodyguards, apparently, they were ready to commission the rescue helicopter. According to press reports, Johnson eventually succeeded on his own. He managed to get close to the shore, met the guards halfway and escaped. If he had poor eyesight, he was about to drown, an aide to the prime minister told anonymously Times from London. It could have been a disaster.

When faced with the question of Torner in Scotland until a few days ago no one said anything about adventure? Johnson replied publicly that he had a great desire to make a new visit privately. He must have believed that he was not even dead, remembering the bad experience of last summer. The prime minister had rented a hut surrounded by greenery, a short distance from the sea. They were forced to shorten the holidays when daily Mail Published photos revealing where the premiere was.

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