“Leaders Should Hear What Activists Have To Say” On Climate

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is not the official host of COP26, which opens in Glasgow on Sunday 31 October – this is the UK government. But his voice will be counted during the fortnight of this important summit for the future of the planet: the leader, longtime MP for Scotland’s economic capital and leader of the Scottish Independence Party (SNP), has set himself a very ambitious environment Is. program as part of a coalition with the Greens, adopting a carbon neutrality objective by 2045. She has agreed to answer questions from several European newspapers, including World.

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Stratosphere housing prices, travel restrictions due to coronavirus: Criticism about the organization of the summit has multiplied, with NGOs even demanding that it be extended to representatives of developing countries to access vaccines be postponed to allow participation with limited access. “Glasgow is ready, Answer MMe Sturgeon. The town hall is helping those who have yet to find the most housing possible and the Scottish government is trying to bridge the gap between developing and prosperous countries, leaders and youth activists. I will welcome representatives of the indigenous peoples on Saturday 30 October and formally inaugurate the Youth Conference on 29 October. “

Neither the Pope nor Queen Elizabeth II will visit Scotland. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will also be missed. “The Queen’s absence is disappointing, but everyone understands that she needs a rest [elle a 95 ans]. As far as the other leaders are concerned, let’s focus on the people who will be in attendance, the hundred of them gathered in Glasgow, especially President Joe Biden. “

Thousands of workers are planning to speed up the action on the spot. “I whole heartedly believe in the right to peaceful demonstrations, Emphasizes the Prime Minister, who in the 1980s had a strong conviction for his independence by protesting against the bases of British nuclear submarines. Leaders need to listen to what workers have to say. Because they are not doing enough to limit global warming yet. It is essential that a 1.5 °C increase in temperature is maintained at the end of this COP26. “

Scotland must “build a green alternative”

Quick to Criticize Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government, MMe Sturgeon put some of its reserves on hold during the summit. “We had good cooperation within the framework of the Climate Summit, and I have no intention of letting politics interfere at COP26. I will do my best to make it a success.”, assure MMe Sturgeon. The carbon neutrality strategy, published by Downing Street in mid-October, is considered by many NGOs to be too vague: “His level of ambition is welcome, M respondsMe Sturgeon. Scotland sets itself carbon neutral by 2045 as we believe we can move faster [que le Royaume-Uni dans son ensemble, qui reste sur 2050], due to the extent of our forests and peatlands. “

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