Legault did not request meeting with his Scottish counterpart

Legault did not request meeting with his Scottish counterpart

(Edinburgh) Formerly modeled by Quebec, Scotland, has now gone out of fashion: Prime Minister François Legault, on mission in Edinburgh and Glasgow, has not attempted to meet his Scottish counterpart, Nicola Sturgeon, until Friday.

Patrice Bergeron
Canadian Press

As confirmed by the Office of the Prime Minister of Quebec, no requests were made in this direction.

Quebec maintains direct relations with several partners, notably Bavaria, Catalonia, Scotland and California. During her tenure, Prime Minister Pauline Marois held a meeting with her opposite, Alex Salmond, in Edinburgh.

It must be said that Mr Salmond was the head of an independence party, the SNP, and wanted to achieve the sovereignty of Scotland like Nicola Sturgeon.

Its aim is to hold a referendum on independence in particular in 2023.

Prime Minister François Legault’s spokesman limited himself to saying that the Ministry of International Relations, which deals with the missions of the head of government, did not request a meeting with Sri Lanka.Me Sturgeon.

He did not specify why no request was made. On the other hand, as is customary, the government of Quebec informed the authorities of the United Kingdom and Scotland of the Prime Minister’s visit.

Mr Legault spent most of the week in Scotland, attending the UN climate change conference, COP26, which took place in Glasgow.

He met several dignitaries including Prince Charles, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Biden’s climate adviser Gina McCarthy.

Mr Legault also spoke to several senior executives of large industrial companies.

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Quebec has actively pursued an international policy since the establishment of the Guérin-Lajoie Doctrine in the 1960s, advocating the expansion of Quebec’s powers (education, health, culture, etc.) on the international scene. .


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