Lionel Messi and Ansu Fatti guided Ronald Common to an early day win

Lionel Messi and Ansu Fatti guided Ronald Common to an early day win

Barcelona beat Villarreal 0-0 to win the beginning of Ronald Kમેmen’s reign.

Commonwealth’s Barcelona started their league campaign against Unai Emery’s Villarreal at the Nou Camp.


Ansu Fati started the 2020-21 campaign style, scoring the first half double against Villarreal

Lionel Messi started the game despite his summer bust up with the Barcelona chiefs, who tried to move him away from the club.

The Barca captain has been criticizing the club’s current regime and sending shots in a farewell message to close friend Luis Suarez, who was forced to join league rivals Atletico Madrid from Clog.

Still, Messi and Sae resumed business as usual after paying the weird Willer side pay.

Ansu Phati was caught red-handed on a Villarreal job just before Barca’s first goal of his league campaign.

Winger was knocked out by Alba at the penalty spot and the youngster’s side took the ball to the top in the left corner.

The tape doubled Barca’s lead four minutes later when the Swift counter-attack landed on his leg, he made no mistake in rotating the helpless Assange between the sticks.

Ansu Fati scored his second evening, stunning counter-attack with a low finish to Assange's past


Ansu Fati scored his second evening, stunning counter-attack with a low finish to Assange’s pastCredits: Getty Images

Messi will be involved in the act after Fatty wins a penalty at the half-hour mark, Fatie unselfishly handing over the penalty to the captain and Messi criticizes him at home.

Villarreal’s evening will go from bad to worse as Messi swims more and more to pull the strings.

Barca No. 10 landed a wonderful ball in the penalty area in search of Sergio Busquets, and in a panic, Torres put the ball behind his own net.

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Referee Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez came to Villarreal’s defense with a half-time whistle, giving visitors a much-needed break and a chance to re-group.

Barca and Villarreal didn’t exactly treat us like a blockbuster in the second half, it was an unusually slow performance from the hosts and Villarreal failed to make it big.

Fireworks off the field proved to be the funniest part of the second half, with Barcelona’s skyline being treated to wonderful colors of blue and red.

Outside performances will be good for 10 minutes, drawing attention to the slow and boring game of football of lanky that was simply happening inside the camp.

As the sky lit up one night, Messi himself was amazed where he and his apprentice tore his opponents to new heights.

Lionel Messi stares in amazement as Barcelona's skyline is filled with fireworks


Lionel Messi stares in amazement as Barcelona’s skyline is filled with fireworksCredits: Getty Images
The sky shone over the camp, beating Barca Villarreal


The sky shone over the camp, beating Barca VillarrealCredits: Getty Images

Common was obviously happy when the final whistle blew, and more importantly, Messi was smiling again.

If Barca is going to be successful this season they need to play with a smile on Messi’s face, and hopefully in his potential final season at the club, he will sign with style.

Luis Suarez and partner Sofia will once again be on the pitch at the end to say goodbye to Barcelona


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