Liverpool’s Labor mayor Andersen steps down after arrest UK | News

  Liverpool's Labor mayor Andersen steps down after arrest UK |  News

Liverpool mayor arrested after ongoing investigation

The decision comes after he was arrested on charges of bribery and intimidation as part of an investigation into a building and development deal in the city. In a statement issued today, Mr Anderson said he was leaving to make a decision within the council “until the police clarify their intentions with the investigation on December 31”.

He said: “I have always done what I believe is best for the city, and with those best intentions in mind I am taking the following action.

“It’s important that everyone in Liverpool knows that our leaders are focused on what is most important to the people; their livelihoods and epidemics are still at stake, their lives.

“For this reason, I believe it is important that the city, and the government, be assured that our city is indeed functioning properly.

Liverpool Mayor J. Andersen said he was moving aside from his role (Photo: GETTY)

“Therefore, I will not make a decision within the council during the unpaid leave period until the police clarify their intentions with the police investigation on December 1.”

Wendy Simon will stand as acting mayor.

Mr Anderson was released on bail after being arrested along with four others.

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Liverpool Mayor

Anderson was released on bail after arresting four others (Photo: PA)

The 62-year-old, who lives in the city’s Old Swan district, was arrested Friday and taken to a police station for questioning.

Merseyside police said in a statement on Saturday: “We can confirm that five people arrested on bribery and intimidation charges as part of an investigation into a building and development agreement in Liverpool have been released on conditional bail.

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Sources later confirmed that he was suspended from the Labor Party following his arrest on suspicion of conspiracy to bribe and threaten witnesses.

Mr Andersen said the arrest was a “painful blow”.

He said: “Friday’s arrest is also a painful blow to me and my family after a few months. I need to focus on their future and return to the normal state they can recognize, with the certainty that I am here now. No. Under suspicion.

“So I am going to focus on cooperating with the police in their ongoing interrogation, as I believe time will make it clear that I have no case to answer.

“This situation has not dampened my enthusiasm for our city and the inspiring people who live and work here, especially the dedicated public servants who work within the council and cabinet. They will continue their incredible work, as we would expect, against this.” Challenging circumstances we find ourselves in.

“But for those challenges I am not willing to contribute to my own circumstances, so I have come to this decision for the same reason alone.

Liverpool Mayor

J. Anderson said the arrest was a painful blow (Photo: PA)

“I am very grateful for the many messages of support I have received and I am confident that, as always, the future of our city is bright and its best days ahead.”

The other suspects were a 33-year-old man from West Derby, Liverpool and a 46-year-old man from Einsdale, who was also arrested on suspicion of bribery and conspiracy to intimidate witnesses, Was detained on the basis ..

Liverpool City Council said in a statement on Friday that it was co-operating with Merseyside Police “in the context of its ongoing investigation” but would not comment on “matters pertaining to individuals”.

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Liverpool Mayor

J. Anderson was arrested in connection with a bribery and intimidation case as part of an investigation into a building and development contract in the city. (Photo: PA)

Mr Anderson was elected mayor of Liverpool in 1998 and has been on the council since 1998.

The father of four was in the Merchant Navy and worked as a social worker before taking on the role.

He ran for the Liverpool City Region metro mayoral candidate in 2016, but was beaten by then-incumbent MP Steve Rotheram.


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