Local vote GB, Johnson thunder against Scotland – world referendum

Gb: Scozia, Sturgeon traballa, salgono richieste dimissioni - Europa

A second referendum on Scotland’s secession will now be “reckless and irresponsible” as Brexit Britain needs unity to win the post-Kovid challenge. Responding to the SNP’s independence leader Nicola Sturgeon’s final appeal in the wake of a vote for renewal of the Scottish Parliament, Boris Johnson said this today: Most important in yesterday’s administrative session in the United Kingdom. The revival of the economy and employment are the “real priorities” of the people, with Premier Tory thundering. Not without mentioning the freedom that was sealed in the 2014 referendum “only a few years ago”.
Yesterday’s British administrative elections, partially postponed from last year due to the Kovid emergency, are scheduled in three of the UK’s four countries (England, Scotland, Wales), with the exception of Northern Ireland. Voting will be open until 10 pm local time (11 pm in Italy), but there is no exit poll and counting will be by region, with the results expected to be largely Saturday, 48 hours later.
Holyrood in Scotland, Edinburgh, has a vote to elect 129 members of the local parliament, while there are 60 seats for the Wales Assembly (called the Sened). In England, 143 local councils and 13 mayors are renewed: this includes a race in London, in which Shaun Bailey, a native of the Caribbean family and an ethnic, is the main challenger to Labor immigrant son Sadiq Khan Is expected to be confirmed with a clear distinction on the first Tory candidate to head the capital. Minority.
Some posts (optional in the state) of the local English and Welsh Police Corps are also required to be renewed. As well as a by-vote for the election of a national deputy to the House of Commons at Hartlepool College, Labor was vacated months earlier by Mike Hill, who resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment: 57 years for Labor An armored seat for, but in which Joe Williams, the candidate of Keer Starr’s party, may overtake rival Tory, Jill Mortimer this time.

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