Loch and Lakeland in Scotland

loch ness

in the high valleys of Scotland There are over 30,000 sparkling water basins that dot the landscape, be it large or small lakes that take their name from Lake And it welcomes extraordinary panoramas full of mysteries such as the famed Loch Ness, but also precious natural environments and truly remarkable historical and archaeological elements.
It should not be forgotten that both the water and the shore offer many activities for sports lovers who can practice them here in a truly unique context.

The Lochs in Scotland

they are in scotland 31,460 lakes That dot landscape so as to form easily recognizable constants is called elasticity and the little ones are not even given a specific name, but it is certain that no one is the same and that all are surrounding with a distinctive characteristic. fit the landscape. Shape.

Not only monsters are among the wonders of Loch Ness

falls-of-foyersThe most famous of these lakes is certainly loch nesso Which is the largest amount of fresh water in the country with a reach of 37 km 230 meters deep, and right next door are some of the most fascinating wonders of Scotland’s loch region.

are in its surroundings Fall of the Foyers who were fictionalized by robert burns, the Scottish national poet, for the peculiar magic that looms over these springs. His name in Gaelic means “falling smoke“And indeed the waterfalls, plunging themselves 50 meters until they rejoin the river, raise a cloud of tiny droplets that seem to transform it smoke springs.

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One of the walkways near Loch Ness leads into the village of inverfarigag. Although it does not count more than 20 houses, this place has a very rich history to be explored, here are the remains of a iron fort, Thomas Telford Pier, General Wade Bridge and the famous Black Rock section of Wade Road.

Urquhart_Castle_scozia Urquhart Castle It is the largest castle in the Highlands and the ruins that can be seen today date from the period between the 13th and 16th centuries AD, however, it is likely that its original core was older. The castle was blown up during the Jacobite Rebellion and today gives visitors the chance to admire Loch Ness from the high-keeping walls. Tourists are also provided with the opportunity to discover its history. Visitor Center and imagine it in action big catapult Which has been recreated here.

Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond National Park Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park It is one of the most important in Scotland and was established in 2002. Its most distinctive elements are the Munro, hills more than 900 meters high.

Loch Lomond is located at the center of the national park of the same name and with it the largest freshwater area in the United Kingdom. 71 square kilometer of expansion. Instead stretched out It is located in the Wester Ross West Highland region and is particularly popular for bird watching. wildlife and fishing which is particularly prevalent in Scotland due to the amount of lakes and rivers that its inhabitants can use.

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loch katrinOn the southern edge is Bein Eghe, an area very popular with hikers. Established in 1951, this reserve forms together with the Loch Marie Islands oldest national nature reserve of United Kingdom.

One of the most impressive lochs in the park loch katrin, so charming as to inspire Sir Walter Scott To draw inspiration from it to set up his epic poem “Lady of the Lake“. Monrose and the River Forth also represent the natural boundary between the lowlands and the highlands.

Loch Awe. History on the Coast

Loch Africanreally hilly terrain South latch away It is the longest lake in Scotland with a distance of 40 km reaching the sea from Brender’s Pass, a mountain pass that was the scene of the Scottish Wars of Independence and seen as a hero Robert the Bruce, the king whose crown is an act of rebellion against the British William Wallace, famous Brave of name movies on mel gibson.

History has left its mark on Loch Awe and other lakes such as Loch Tai, such as . the remains of cranogh (The word comes from an Irish word which translates as tree), but ancient artificial island man made prehistory to build their houses on it and which were connected to the mainland only through a wooden path which took him to the shore.

Sport in the Scottish Loch

loch fineThere are many on the west coast of Scotland sea ‚Äč‚Äčlakes Magnificent in the shape of fjords that fit into the depths of the mainland, loch fen It extends for about 65 kilometers and its waters are known for their extraordinary abundance of fish. Thus it reveals a paradise for both the lovers sport fishing Both for those who love to taste fish as the area is full of restaurants specializing in this type of cuisine.

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loch keno Located in the south-west of Scotland and is one of the most attractive places for lovers of water sports Since it provides a wide range: from windsurf On Sailing, Give stand up paddle (type of surfing in which pedals are used to advance motion) amusement park allows you to have fun exciting slide on water.

Loch Africanarea of loch africanLastly, it is very popular with fishermen, but is also highly sought after by its lovers. canoe. pedestriansInstead, they enjoy what many consider to be the most beautiful valley in Scotland: the Glen Afric. Here, surrounded by mountains, a circular path that develops around the lake, passing ancient pine forests and open spaces, lends itself to git in mountain bike and hiking, during which golden eagles can be seen, Osprey but also the red squirrel and antelope.

Loch Ness: Lake of the Monsters and the Jungle


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