Look at the Duchess of Cambridge look here

Look at the Duchess of Cambridge look here

It was not really a joyous journey, but Principe William I Kate Middleton In these hours they Scotland And in a few days they will also return to the place where their love erupted. The Duchess of Cambridge also chose a very special outfit.

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Kate MiddletonIn fact, he wore a blue suit, which included Zara’s jacket and Hope’s skirt. Color choice is not accidental: blue is, in fact, the dominant color of the Scottish flag. Kate’s outfits cost a total of 155 pounds (just under 180 euros). The Telegraph also reports.

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The Duchess of Cambridge today joined her husband, who had already been in Scotland for a few days, and together the couple would undertake an institutional tour. Early next weekend, among other things, William and Kate would go to St. Andrews University, where they had met twenty years earlier.

Last Updated: Monday 24 May 2021, 23:13

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