Lucy Bronze: Man City and England’s Star Players Award FIFA Women’s Player of the Year

 Lucy Bronze: Man City and England's Star Players Award FIFA Women's Player of the Year

She won’t win until Lucy is satisfied with the bronze and credits the team with success in being named the best FIFA female player for 2020.

Returning to Manchester City in the summer after spending three years at Lyon, the Bronze beat Chelsea’s Pernille Harder and Lyon defender Wendy Renard on Thursday for the coveted award.

The England defender has won three straight Champions League and French League titles during her time in France and says her new personal praise is the culmination of that period’s hard work.

Said Kansak Sky Sports News: “From successful teams, successful individuals come. I’m good at everything, I want to win everything, but when it comes to personal limelight, it’s not me.

“That’s why I enjoy playing team sports. I could have chosen tennis or athletics, but I need to be part of a team and share my success, but also to inspire others.”

Bronze returns to Manchester City earlier this year after winning a third Champions League title with Lyon

At a virtual event on Thursday, Bronze spoke of her “surprise” at receiving the prize and is finally excited to take the trophy face to face.

“It’s indescribable,” Kansak said. “I am happy and excited to get my hands on the award.

“This year has been such a crazy year, leave football in general in life. Especially in women’s football, so many leagues have been canceled or shortened.

“For me, winning this award is a collection of things I have achieved this year and last year. I am so grateful for that.”

‘England has been the best’

Serena Wiegman, who will take charge of England next year, will lead the Netherlands to the European Championship in 2017.

Bronze is hoping for more team success with England, who will be proud to be the best player in the world and the best head coach since September 2021.

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Netherlands women’s coach Serena Wigman, who will take over Phil Neville from next year, was named the best FIFA women’s coach.

Wigman led the Netherlands to eight wins in the UEFA Women’s Championship qualifiers, although he will take charge of England in the tournament after being pushed back a year after Euro 2021 due to a coronavirus epidemic.

“The players are probably as excited as anyone,” Bronze said. “We know what kind of genealogy Sarina is. She’s done it by staying there.

“She’s done exactly what she’s supposed to do: win the domestic Euro and get to the World Cup final. We’re glad to know we’ve got someone out there who knows what to take. It’s the best. The best.”

Neville: England will not be satisfied without a trophy

Phil Neville, Lucy Bronze


England women’s head coach Phil Neville said it was a “wonderful feeling” to see Bronze progress in being named the world’s best female player by FIFA.

England women’s head coach Phil Neville has said he knew he would be the best player in the world from day one in charge of the Bronze Lions.

“I’m so proud, that’s what I texted (on the night of the awards ceremony). You’ll see the travel and the hard work behind the scenes.” Sky Sports News.

“As her manager, I’ve seen work first and closer work, the sacrifice and dedication puts Lucy down. She has the passion to be the best.

“I heard a lot about him when I first met him. At the time he was probably not in the top five in the world but I saw someone who is incredible, he was the best. He wanted to win the award and the biggest obstacle in his mind was full. Was back.

Luon plays for Lucy Bronze


England international Liane Sanderson has played with the Bronze and says the new Best FIFA female player of 2020 has always stood out because of the ethics and quality of her work.

“From day one I thought he was the best player in the world. In terms of recognition outside of England, I think his performance for Lyon in the World Cup and in the Champions League has been recognized. Except for the improvements he makes every single year.”

The Lyonessis boss also believes that no player of bronze ature height will ever seek the disappointment of looking back at a career, not including the winning medal with England.

“At 29, her body could go on for another five, six years. I think the individual award is special to her, but eventually she will want to win more Champions Leagues, more WSL trophies and she will want to win Olympic gold medals, European Championships and World Cup.

“I think it’s a step forward for him, to be part of the national party that wins the medal. It’s sad that no one at his level wins the medal (with England).

Pep: Man City presents us with a proud bronze

Lucy Bronze


Pep Guardiola is full of praise for bronze and former club Lyon after the England international won FIFA’s ‘Player of the Year’ award.

Manchester City men’s boss Pep Guardiola says the club is proud to be the best female player in the world among their ranks but he credited his former club Lyon for reaching the top of the women’s game.

“We can’t forget that it’s a one-team game so everyone is involved in creating incredible jobs in France and Lyon with Lucy (bronze) so congratulations to her and her previous club,” he said.

“And we’re proud that she’s here – the better players we can get for both men and women, then bigger congratulations for her and for all our teams.”


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