Mancini Braveheart did it!

Mancini Braveheart did it!

Great joy for Italy’s victory over the hated “cousins” in Edinburgh. A day before the national team compared our coach to a hero of rebellion against the British

The clock tower is not ours alone. They may be close relatives, but the Scots and the English love each other as much as Cain adored Abel. And here for one night Edinburgh became a province of Italy, a tricolor right of the English Channel. When Gigione puts his hands on it and blocks Saka’s shot, the party also begins in the land of skirts and bagpipes (and Joe Jordan nostalgic for Milanese trash).

But it wasn’t just ordinary people who enjoyed England’s defeat, much like May 5 for Inter-opposition fans. Even the front page of the national newspaper wanted to start again. The day before he had replaced Roberto Mancini in William Wallace, the hero of Braveheart, a symbol of his people’s rebellion against English domination. After the success of Azzurri, he starts again with “Roma is Coming”, which is now a parable of abuse (and also a bit of misfortune given the end of the previous World and European Championships).


And to think that 8 years ago Mancio answered the question about his possible landing on the English bench as follows: “If they want to win, they will make the right choice – said the coach at the time at Manchester City – It’s certainly a fascinating hypothesis. And if I become England’s manager and win the World or European Championships, they should make me a knight. I’m not asking for an idol, but a knight. Yes”. No Queen in Scotland No, but at this point maybe Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon can give him honorary citizenship…

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