Matondo wanted in Scotland: Staying with Schalke is not an option

Matondo wanted in Scotland: Staying with Schalke is not an option

Rabbi Matondo has had a successful year on loan and is returning to Schalke 04 for the time being. But there is a lot of interest in them, including from top Scottish clubs. However, sticking with the S04 isn’t a problem.

The season that Rabbi Matondo spent on loan at Cercle Brugge did him well. For the first time since his move to Schalke in spring 2019, also his move to professional football, he was able to play regularly and at the same time shine with good performances.

Although he grew up in Bruges and fans loved him, he never stopped. There would have been an option to buy 3.5 million euros, but no agreement was reached between the club and the players. Accordingly, the winger briefly returns to Gelsenkirchen.

There are no plans for his new team. They are considered an obvious candidate for sale, and now they have WAZ Once again clear.

Nothing else would even fit into Reuven Schröder’s approach. Matondo will enter the final year of his contract and will leave the club next summer on a free transfer. The sporting director certainly wouldn’t want to take that risk after putting himself in the shop window for other clubs.

Especially since there are also different interested parties. On the one hand, a change at RSC Anderlecht was conceivable, but it was shattered with the departure of coach Vincent Kompany. On the other hand, they have information from the British Guardians According to causal meditation in Scotland. There, two top clubs Celtic Glasgow and Glasgow Rangers are said to be “very interested” in him.

Soccer JPL D24 RSCA Anderlecht vs Cercle Brugge

In Belgium, Matondo was able to play freely / JASPER JACOBS/GettyImages

from club Premier League It is said to at least deal with your player profile. was last WAZ Reported, who also spoke of interest to France.

Either way: the loan strategy at Matondo has worked perfectly. It was comparatively difficult to accommodate him last summer. Now he has played well, so Schalke has legitimate hopes of selling him for a million or two.

An amount of about three or four million euros will also help the climber. In this way, own loans and small transfers can be realized. Due to the ongoing difficult economic situation, this will be refocused. Best of all, this sale is also on the platform as soon as possible.

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