Membership of The National for Scotland, Mancini and the Boys and… Requests for Honor from Johnson

Membership of Scotland, Mancini and The National for Boys and… Requests for respect from Johnson

They have not yet finished celebrating the Wembley match, north of Hadrian Wall. National grants lifetime membership to Mancini and the boys and requests Johnson to reward the … CT.

Besides the historical and political rivalry between Scotland and England still alive in the United Kingdom, when it comes to football, another fuse lights up between the two. After all, the first match in history between the national teams was played between the two. Now, north of Hadrian’s Wall, a newspaper is offering lifetime subscriptions mancini And forward a request to reward the boys and johnson … Italy,

Contribution – Italy defeated England in the final. Only English qualifying got off to a cynical start with Shaw’s goal in the second minute. At that time not only Italy but also Scotland was shaken. yes, because the newspaper National, made the news, appealing to Mancini on the front page”Save us Roberto, you are our last hope. We can’t stand them bragging for another 55 years“. In the end, likewise, in addition to the Italians at Wembley, many Scots rejoiced … including the editorial staff of The National. The newspaper actually decided to give Roberto ‘The Bruce’ Mancini. And Life membership to Boys magazine. The editorial staff and management appreciated that Mancini commented on its front page at the press conference, and in a photo with the cup on the plane, Mancini was immortalized with a copy of the National. But that’s not enough. A Scottish newspaper has written a letter …. Boris Johnson, 10 Downing Street.

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letter to johnson And the request is very special. ,Dear Prime Minister, we are not sure if you were watching the game on Sunday night or if you sat long enough in front of the TV for a small photo shoot but England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Scotland, as you may know, the sense of relief was immense. We are spared another half-century of hearing the glory of 2021, as we have already suffered since 1966, when England were lucky to win the World Cup. […] Therefore, we believe it would be appropriate for you, as Prime Minister, to honor Italian team manager Roberto ‘The Bruce’ Mancini for his services to Scotland. We know she loves giving unnecessary prizes to her friends, so we thought she’d like to do the same for one of our nation’s most beloved football personalities. Were we thinking of something like ‘Roberto the Bruce of Wembley’?“. No doubt, brilliant, witty (like all teasing that doesn’t lead to obscenity) and above all … dedicated to Azurri.


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