Menstrual pads will be free in Scotland

Menstrual pads will be free in Scotland

All girls have their period around their teens and they have no choice but to seek protection. This week’s big news: Scotland will be the first state in the world to provide this protection for free.


On 24 November, 121 members of the Scottish Parliament passed a law making tampons and sanitary napkins free.

in toilets

So the Scots would find everything they needed in the toilets of primary and secondary schools and universities. Sanitary products can also be found in other public places.

No need to break the pig now

When you live with little financial means, it can be difficult to afford menstrual protection. These products are often very expensive and some families do not have enough money to buy them.

forbidden, not forbidden

With this law, we hope to end menstrual insecurities. It means: an end to costs related to safety, but an end to a certain lack of education and shame about the questions that menstruation may have.

a world first

I am proud to vote for this revolutionary law that makes Scotland the first nation in the world to provide menstrual protection for all Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted.

enter dance

Scotland is breaking the ice, but the accessibility of menstrual products is discussed elsewhere in the world, even in Canada. For example, in 2019, British Columbia requested that public schools provide free toiletries.

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