Missing for five years: Cat found on oil rig in Scotland

Missing for five years: Cat found on oil rig in Scotland

A cat missing for five years has been found at an oil rig off the coast of Scotland. like news agency the countryside Reported on Friday, employees at the platform found the animal in a container that had arrived from Peterhead the day before. After this he informed the animal protection organization SPCA.

SPCA officer Amy Findlay asserted that the cat had previously lived as a stray near the port city prison for several years and was given the name “One-Eyed Joe” by corrections officers and fed from the prison canteen. Was. the countryside, How the cat finally entered the container is not known.


After the vagabond is taken to the mainland by helicopter, it is revealed that he had been hacked and his real name was “Dexter”. The animal was said to be missing for five years. He was returned to his former home.

According to the report, Findlay said, “We are very pleased that he was well looked after when he was missing. But we were even more pleased that he was able to be reunited with his original owner.”

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