Mountain biking. Estelle and Clement Charles have had a great season in Scotland – mountain biking

  Mountain biking.  Estelle and Clement Charles have had a great season in Scotland - mountain biking

They could have been on a Sunday, at the beginning of Brittany Downhill Championship At Pleuque-l’Hermitage, very close to their family home in Henen, but Estelle and Clement Charles had a valid excuse, entering the final stage of the Enduro World Series (EWS) for Innerleth (Scotland) . .

At Tweed Valley, he competed in the sixth round of the world circuit under special circumstances – Who Said the Breton? – With earlier stages but made super slippery by mud on top. Finally, Estelle Charles ranked 6th (in 9th, 3rd, 8th, 12th, 7th and 7th specials) in the Scottish meeting and her older brother 32nd, ups (21st, 19th and 14th) and ups (53rd, 62nd) ended after. and 37e). “A nice fall and a mechanical problem ruined me a lot of time,” explains the Breton pilot. But I am happy in spite of everything because I sign very good middlemen.”

Estelle Charles: “I know I can win the stage now”

In the EWS general classification, Bretonne finished sixth and was happy with this first season Team Rossignol, built around siblings. “What a year for me! My goal was to be in the top 5, I am just one place behind, but I am proud of myself, as I confirm my results from last year with a new bike, a new pro manager rider position of the team It wasn’t always easy but what a joy it is to live this life! I had a great time at some great places and I know now I can win the stage!”

Finally 25th in EWS’s final gen, Clement Charles will have proved in 2021 – a year after suffering an injury in 2020 – that he is on the right track to regain regularity and score a bit more to reach the top. For. A few rounds this season.

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Clement Charles must have scored some really good runs in Scotland. (Photo Facebook Clement Charles)

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