Mourinho ‘likes’ the unhappy Spurs pair leaving to go to the dressing room

Mourinho ‘likes’ the unhappy Spurs pair leaving to go to the dressing room

Jose Mourinho says he doesn’t mind disappearing under the tunnel between Harry Winks or Dale Alley Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 Europa League victory Above Royal Antwerp.

Carlos Vinicius and Giovanni Lo Celso’s second-half goals helped the group to the top spot.

But Winks, who is unhappy with his lack of playing time this season, went straight to the dressing room after taking off an hour earlier, while Mourinho joined Alti shortly after making all five changes.

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Ali returned to the bench in his non-playing kit and was the only unused option not to participate in the post-match warm-down.

Mourinho revealed that he told Winks to go and change and that there was no problem with Ally’s disappearing act.

On Winks, he said: “I told them to go, I told each player that he left the pitch, because when the weather is cold I want them to go to the dressing room and take a shower and stay warm and safe.

“I told them to go, some prefer to stop. Even in the cold, they like to play and participate in the game from the bench. Winks decided to go and I am happy with that because I am the one who told him to do so. “

Mourinho also said that Ali was blessed to go to the dressing room, but added: “Yes, but let’s not run away from reality.

“A player who is on the bench and then realizes that the course is not one of the five players (of course) is not a happy player, and I do not expect him to be happy.

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“But every player who is on the bench or every player who leaves the pitch in cold weather, with me, they can go to the dressing room and if that happens I would choose too.”

After the Displaster First Half Display, Sprace was called to Gareth Bale’s free-kick post after Vinicius tapped home and then Lo Celso killed the game after being played by Harry Kane.

Kane, Son Hang-min and Tangui Nombell were brought in to ensure no hiccups after 60 minutes, giving the Spurs the top spot in the group and a favorable Last-32 draw.

“Today we got an objective which is not the basic objective, as the difference between coming first and second in the draw is not a big difference, but it probably helps and we did our job by winning the match,” Mourinho added.

“The idea was to win the match, the match that we always control. Although it didn’t create any chances I remember, the game was still open and playing 30 minutes is not an accumulation of fatigue.

“Playing minutes is less than 0 minutes, it’s a 100 minute training session, so it wasn’t a problem and I decided after 1-0 to bring in fresh people and people who could give the last kick in the story. Game, and game over since Gio scored the second goal. “


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