NBA Playoffs 2020 – Clippers’ past bad habits should be broken now

NBA Playoffs 2020 - Clippers' past bad habits should be broken now

In the meantime Long seasonDespite the healthy percentage of many more fans and clippers’ allies, L.A. The Clippers were a favorite of intense traitors and league intellectuals.

They encouraged injured players to take plenty of time to recover, hung on to long sightings as a season-long mantra, and the load was so aggressively managed that at one point they were fined $ 50,000 by the NBA for breaking the rest procedure. Cavi Leonard.

All of these are considered prestigious tricks in this day and age, especially for a team with delicate stars. But it also seemed to have an unfortunate side effect: the bad habit of delaying clippers. They prefer to leave their best game afterwards.

They thrived most of the season, fueling their intense search for the Los Angeles Lakers and No. 1 seed.

Bored in January Montreal Herald Detaining fellow players to wake up and declaring, “We’re not a great team.”

In February, it was Leonard in the rarest part of the spirit, when he gave the command today, frightened by other tragedies: “I mean, now. Now is the time,” when asked when the Clippers would start working like their resume.

After all these months, it’s still happening. This time in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals on Saturday against Denver Nuggets.

This is not to be outdone by Denver’s 110-101 win; Nuggets earned it and got 53 combined points out of it Nicola Jokic And Jamal Murray.

But the game was exactly 12 minutes long, with Denver playing with more power and effort than the Clippers, allowing him 44 points and creating a 19-point deficit.

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It has long been said that more desperate teams often win playoff games. That podium is the source of the highest price to go for any playoff team that has since lost: “[The winning team] Came out more aggressive. “

And the first quote from the mouth of the Koch Dock Rivers on Saturday: “I thought they were just playing more aggressively.”

At the next zoom over, Leonard said the same thing.

But as the Clippers do, this is a cop-out for teams hoping for a legitimate title. They are a deep team, with a tremendous balance of depth, star power and pte wit, and that means they have a big margin for error, the widest of any of the other teams.



Patrick Beverly Clippers Game 2 Vs. From the loss of the nuggets to the late K.L. throws up to argue.

This is the reason why the Clippers were within five points briefly with Leonard and in the fourth quarter, despite being steamrolling in the first quarter. Paul George Eventually doing 11-of-a-kind shooting from the field. Shameless Nuggets, with their defensive efforts in Game 1, made some double-teams effective clips.

“We just need to play hard ourselves,” Rivers lamented. “They played with a lot more force than us … It’s amazing that we got the chance.”

Nuggets is not a team to sleep. The Utah Jazz can testify that when their quarter-final series game was 15-points in 5, the third-quarter lead was blown away by the Murray Jumpers. Jazz became a little more comfortable, and now they’ll have to spend the coming months and years any time integrating the numbers “3” and “1” and “lead” into one line.

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Uta gave life to Denver with that decline, and now the Clippers have broken down the door for the Nuggets again. The Clips have been a better team for seven of the eight quarters so far in the series – but they are 1-1.

That’s how the first chapter of the upset story is written.

“We have to get ready, that’s all,” George said. This clipper added another appeal to the annals of the season, George said. “It has no blueprint. It’s up to us. But we’ll be better for Game 3. There are no peep talks for this; it’s the playoffs. We’ll be there for the fight and the challenge.”


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