Nearly 2,000 cases of Kovid-19 due to Euro football

Nearly 2,000 cases of Kovid-19 due to Euro football

Public Health Scotland (PHS) has announced that around 2,000 Scots have contracted COVID-19 while gathering to watch a Euro football match.

In detail, 1,991 people have tested positive. Three quarters are between 20 and 39 years old, and 90% of them are male. Many have been infected in fanzones, others in bars or informal gatherings with friends.

But two-thirds of cases are from people who traveled to London for sport last week, according to Public Health Scotland England-Scotland. Due to health restrictions, only 2,600 tickets were available for sale, but tens of thousands of Scots traveled to the capital to support their team.

Large gatherings were also held in the center of the city, as in Leicester Square, where fan Was displaced by police in half the time. However, some cases were seen after the rally in Glasgow Fanzone.

300 Infected Fins Fin

Scotland is not an isolated case. If in France we do not know the impact of the euro on the number of contaminants, other countries see their supporters as contaminated with COVID-19. For example, around 300 Finns have tested positive upon return from a match. St. Petersburg (Russia), This June 29.

The situation worries the World Health Organization (WHO). Without citing any country in particular, he urged the organizers of the euro to be cautious. A call for the moment less heard: Wembley Stadium, in london, Announced the increase in viewership for the semi-finals to 60,000, up from 45,000 last week.

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