New dung emoji-shaped building in Edinburgh is controversial

New dung emoji-shaped building in Edinburgh is controversial

Architecture – A petition calling for eyes to be added to the face to make the building even more attractive, such as the poo emoji, has garnered more than 1,400 signatures.

There was criticism after the construction in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) of building similar to famous emoji Mal the Woo hotel, whose total cost is estimated at £1 billion, distorts the urban skyline, condemning its detractors.

They are more overcast that the building is visible from almost all parts of the city, say Guardian. Jestico + Whiles, the firm that designed the building Scottish, denied any intention to reproduce a scatological form. The architects reported that they drew their inspiration from the rolls of paper used in the printing works already housed in the district.

“Hotel of the Golden Turd”

He highlighted the influence of haute couture in particular, and the headband conceived by the house of Valentino in particular, claiming that he wanted to imitate a silk ribbon waving over the head of a mannequin. He finally put forward the similarity of his creation with a local confectionery in the shape of a cone.

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