New dung-shaped hotel controversial in Edinburgh

New dung-shaped hotel controversial in Edinburgh

Internet users voted the worst hotel of the year…

Credit: Screenshots | Twitter

A building that is far from being unanimous! NS In hotelmilf in korean Construction somewhat with her silhouette ragoutante greatly offends the residents of scottish capital. british daily Guardian talks about a “poo emoji, show off” his feces peak Above the historical urban skyline (…) sometimes the situation becomes dire”.

According to slate.frThe architects had the inspiration for the headband high fashion valentino. The toilet was eventually retained and is still the pride of the architect. James Daly.

“It’s a building that causes joy. Its purpose is to celebrate Edinburgh as the festival capital.”

social network laughing stock

Hotel a. is part of commercial sector is located in the district of St James. So it’s in the hearts of others Restaurant And luxury apartment that the building has been social network laughing stock. He is openly nicknamed “the golden turd“literally”golden poop

a petition was also made to add bulging eyes To look like the iPhone poop emoji on the building. she already collects more 1 300 signatures.

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