New restrictions in the UK: restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in England

New restrictions in the UK: restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in England

infection from coronavirus They proceed to England, but boris johnson It has not announced any new restrictions in the country. However, he also said that he would not hesitate to take action if needed. writing BBC, The latest figures from the pre-Christmas “gap”, in which numbers have not been released, spoke of a peak of 122,186 cases in the UK recorded last Friday. According to the Office of National Statistics 1,74 Millions of people – that is, one in 35 – had coronavirus seven days ago. This is preceded by a large increase in the daily count from last week. UK government continued strategy Promotion of vaccinations and boosters to counter the progress of Variant Omron, Send millions of text messages today on Boxing Day, with invitations to get instant boosters. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, on the other hand, are opting for new restrictions, banning the entry of people from abroad and the management of free time. Whereas the rules of social distancing have come back and limits have been imposed on gatherings. The scattered order will ensure that the Boxing Day football matches will be played in front of the maximum 500 Fans will be seated in Scotland, while all major sporting events in Wales will take place behind closed doors.


From today new restrictions on events in Scotland go into effect: they will be for up to 100 people standing or 200 people sitting indoors. The limit for outdoor occasions would instead be 500 people. One Meter Clearance Required According to the reconstruction of the BBC, from tomorrow i.e. 27 December, pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas and gyms will have to guarantee a distance of one meter between people. Groups of people who meet will be limited to three families. Table service will be required in hospitality venues that offer alcohol.

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In Wales, starting with Boxing Day – a holiday concomitant with Boxing Day and celebrated in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala and, in general, all countries that belong to the Commonwealth of Nations with predominantly Christian populations are part. The meeting limit in cinema halls, pubs and restaurants is not high. 6 People. Exhibitors from the complex have already expressed their concern about the innovation set for their region. Sean Barnsley, the owner of a pub in Chepstow, told the BBC his December earnings had already fallen 65%, The meaning of a return to table service is more personal: “It’s a struggle.” limited to outdoor events 50 people and have maximum potential 30 For indoor events including private homes. Social distancing of two meters is necessary in offices and public places. Disco must be closed.

Northern Ireland

Starting today, nightclubs must remain closed and indoor standing events are prohibited. From 6 am on December 27, pubs, cafes and restaurants will have to provide table service only. Whereas not more than six people from different families will be able to sit together.


they have been in england Postponed Premiership matches between Watford between Burnley and Everton, Liverpool and Leeds United and Wolverhampton Wanderers due to the COVID outbreak. Although England is one of four UK countries that have not tightened restrictions after Christmas Day, it has the highest infection rate. In the hardest-hit region of London, a man was thought to 20 Was a carrier of the infection last Sunday. Johnson said before Christmas that he “cannot rule out” further measures after the holidays. Since then, I preliminary results The UK’s Health Protection Agency found that the Omicron version may be less likely to cause serious illness than the previously effective version, delta,

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In Coopertina EPA/Andy Rain | A woman passes in front of an advertisement for a vaccination campaign at Euston station in London on December 24, 2021.

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