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Considering the war Los Pumas has struggled to reach the starting line in Sydney, they arrive with a solid appearance 22. Mario Ledesma’s problem is that Argentina’s last international structure is a year old, and eight months after the Jaguars started Super Rugby, so There will be some ring rust.

Three newcomers have been assigned the baptism of fire, but Santiago Chomobaras and Santiago Gronda and Lucio Cinti are at the center with the entry from the bench.

Ledzma can rely on 30-sings Things Tom Cubli and Nicholas Sanchez to provide quality and experience in the 9th and 10th jerseys, while the usually formidable pack consists of five players with at least 50 caps, including Guido Patti, who has the most lineouts Won. Rugby Championships last year.

Ladesma is keen to run on the field, but is aware of the lack of match practice compared to all Bladeslow-hardened Blacks. “There is friction and intensity between New Zealand and Australia Australia, as we have already seen in the first games of Super Rugby and the Tri-Nations.” “We would have preferred to play more games during our preparation, but we had to do that and we would not make excuses. We are able to run the ball against the opponents, that is the strength of this team and the rugby of Argentina. The three players behind are experts in aerial sports.”

1. Nahuel Tataz Chaparro, 2. Julian Montoya, 3. Francisco Gómez Codella, 4. Guido Patti, 5. Matís Alemanno, 6. Pablo Matera (C), 7. Marcos Kramer, 8. Rodrigo Bruni; 9. Toms Kubelli, 10. Nicolas Sanchez, 11. Juan Imhoff, 12. Santiago Chocoberis, 13. Matís Orlando, 14. Bautista Delgi, 15. Santiago Carreras.

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Benches: 16. Fekundo Bosch, 17. Macau Vivas, 18. Santiago Medrano, 19. Santiago Gronda, 20. Toms Lazna, 21. Gonzalo Bertranau, 22. Lucio Cinti, 23. Santiago Cordoro

Nicolas Sanchez

Argentina has had a lot of success producing No. 10 in all sports, and for Los Pumas it is worn with distinction by Nicolas Sanchez. In his last five Tests against Fly L Blacks, FlyHelfe has scored 0 points. Photograph: Eugene Hoshiko / AP


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