Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland did not make Donald Trump’s visit possible

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland rejects Trump's possible visit

Some Signs That Still-American President Donald Trump Inauguration of his successor Joe Biden After watching and going instead Scotland Want to fly With this calculation, however, the Scottish Government stopped him – before the visit was confirmed by the White House.

The Scottish governor replied, “I don’t know what Donald Trump’s travel plans are.” Nikola Sturgeon The media reports on his alleged plans. Sturgeon said he “hopes and hopes” that Trump’s “current travel plans include leaving the White House.”

“We are currently not allowing anyone to come to Scotland without cause – and this applies to anyone,” Sturgeon said. Recounting Trump’s previous visits, he said, “Come here Golf To play «is not a necessary reason.

Scottish media had reported that the arrival of the Boeing 757 type of US military aircraft was announced on 19 January at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. Trump has also used such a machine in the past to get his Scottish Golf Club.

According to British and American media reports, travel time should not be a coincidence. Rather, Trump should serve to avoid attending the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden on January 20. Trump is fighting extensively against his electoral victory and Still looking for ways to get rid of it.

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