Odyssey of a student: “Three flights and 30-hour journey back from Scotland”

irvana locatelli aberdeen

Since the University of Aberdeen, where she studies biology, closed its doors on 18 March and opted for online classes, she immediately left to find a flight that would take her home: But some of the options he already had disappeared one after the other, with cancellation, rescheduling, and continuous change.

Irvana Locatelli, From 19-year-old Osio Soto, She was to return to Italy last March 28 with a British Airlines flight, But this was actually only the first trip that the Bergamo student canceled.

“I then tried to return on two other occasions – telling – First on 20 April, a flight to Malpensa with KLM. The second will take place on 5 May, this time with Air France, but both have been canceled ”.

So Irvana was certainly looking for a less comfortable solution, but perhaps the only one that would have allowed him to return to his family early: “After canceling three I have chosen to skip the direct link and look at other possibilities – telling – So I made a path in steps ”.

The journey home started at 8 am on Friday 24 April, From Aberdeen: Airport and London flight to London.

From London, then, Special Alitalia flights at 9 pm, Made available in coordination with the crisis unit of Farnesina: the route, however, only provides for landing in Rome.

“I arrived in the capital at 11.30 – keep going – And I had to find a place to sleep on Saturday 25th of April at 1.15pm, waiting for another flight from Rome to Milan Malpensa.

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