Omicron version: Six cases in Scotland, some not related to overseas

Omicron version: Six cases in Scotland, some not related to overseas

It continues to grow in Europe. As expected, the new version of covid-19, The Omicron version is called, its distribution continues on the Old Continent. Thus, the Scottish Government on Monday announced the discovery of six cases of this new coronavirus. More worryingly, some have nothing to do with foreign travel, local officials said before the new restrictions came into force in Britain.

The Scottish executive also said in a statement that health officials would trace the contacts of each of these six positive cases “to establish the origin of the virus”. Four other cases were detected in the area of ​​Lanarkshire and two in Greater Glasgow. According to Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney, some had no connection with the people traveling to Africa.

“It is such that for some of these cases there must be a degree of community transmission of this particular strain of virus in the absence of a direct link with travel to the Southern African region,” he said. BBC highlights. “This clearly poses additional challenges for us in terms of containing the spread. In England, three other cases of the Omicron variant had already been detected in the city of Nottingham (central England), in Chelmsford (east London) and in a man who had been to London but who has since left the country.

“We Can’t Stop It”

Faced with questions raised by this version of what the WHO deemed “worrisome”, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday Implementation of new restrictions in one of the countries most affected by Kovid-19With about 145,000 deaths. Health Secretary Edward Arger said on Sky News: “We can’t stop it and we’re trying to give ourselves time to understand how[this version]works and how it interacts with the vaccine.” “

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Video. Omron version: mandatory PCR testing and isolation until results enter the UK

Wearing a mask in transport and in shops will again become mandatory from Tuesday – but not in pubs and restaurants – and is strongly recommended in common areas of schools starting from age 11. Travelers arriving in the UK will also be required to undergo a PCR test two days after arrival and self-isolate until the results are out. This obligation will also be applied to Scotland, which, like other countries in the country, decides on its response to the health crisis. These measures will be reevaluated in three weeks, according to the British government, which is expected to announce an acceleration of the vaccine booster campaign on Monday.


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