On and today Heavy Toilet / Tory Cards in Scotland…

On and today Heavy Toilet / Tory Cards in Scotland…

Uk administrative elections, And even though the official results have not yet been revealed (they will be known tomorrow, Saturday 8 May), it seems Labor defeat is almost certainThe opposition party in the British Parliament, headed by Boris Johnson Toris. As we read in the Daily Mail, a well-known foreign tabloid, this is a very heavy result for Labor and, at the same time, a historic victory for the Prime Minister’s party. Led by the group Sir kir starrer He faced a great repression Hartpool (England), a historic Labor stronghold since the 1970s, and even if the capitulation is of the order of a few thousand votes, it is still a major setback.

If the defeat was officially confirmed yesterday, it is likely that in the wake of the elections in 2024, one could demand a “head” of the Starhammer with a profound revision of the same political movement. Meanwhile, the Tories have won nine disputed seats in Redditch, thus earning seven on Labor, and the news coming from all seats is very similar. Everything is silent for the moment as it is concerned Status scotland, One of the hottest fronts of elections in the United Kingdom, where the vote is combined with a request for independence from Great Britain. (Updated by Davide Giancristofaro)

UK elections, “super through” race, number of innocent people in Scotland

Election Started this morning in most of the United Kingdom: in fact, the so-called Super Thursday or Super Thursday. Overall, as the Ansa agency points out, will be about 48 million British citizens called for voting in local elections, and as usual “local people” represent an important test case for the strength of government, in this case, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Theory. The premiere started its mandate more than a year in advance, which fit and starts, but later, with End of vaccination campaign After the formalism of Brexit, which his predecessor, Theresa May failed to achieve A great popularity Among the subjects of the queen.

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However, today’s elections are important for everyone Scotland, Dov l’SnpThe Scottish National Party Who Wants Vengeance from the united kingdom, Led by the Scottish Prime Minister Nikola Sturgeon, It aims to consolidate its superiority, and obtain an absolute majority in the Edinburgh Parliament. By doing this they may be able to achieve Referendum Post brexit, Accurately asking for secession from London, Prime Minister Johnson has always protested.

UK Election, Scotland Premier: “Most Important Ever”

“They are the most important elections in Scottish history”, Sturgeon defined them as speaking a few days ago, and made it clear how a vote could be crucial to the fate of one’s nation. An election which, as usual, represents a double-edged sword, viz. A possible negative result The SNP, or in any case lower than previous elections (voting to ensure this), may cause independence to lose momentum, if not held until the 2026 elections. 10 am local, when in Italy it will be 23:00, and the result will only come within 48 hours, around Saturday afternoon or evening. Children aged 16 will also vote in Scotland and Wales.

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