On the Isle of Skye, Scotland, coronovirus kills elderly people in a nursing home

On the Isle of Skye, Scotland, coronovirus kills elderly people in a nursing home

OnIsland of Sky, Inhabited by 9,323 souls and connected to the northwest coast Scotland From a bridge, a scam surfaced Coronavirus, Which caused a real massacre among the elderly in the nursing home House Farm. Here, in fact, after being infected with the new virus, more than a quarter of the 40 guests suffering from dementia died, and the rest tested positive, despite the local administration doing everything to maintain the infection. Very far. Only seven of them survived the Kovid-19 tsunami. Like the rest of Europe and the United States, RSA Were among the greatest the outbreak An epidemic affects the most vulnerable subjects. In only Great britain More than 14 thousand coronavirus victims are in such structures, casting more than a shadow on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deal with the crisis. In HC-One’s nursing home, which also owns the home farm, two-thirds of its 328 facilities in Kovid’s case have exploded to a total of four employees and 934 dead residents.

“We were seeing horrifying images coming from Spain and Italy, so there was a lot of focus on maintaining and protecting the National Health Service,” Dr. Donald MacAskill, managing director of Scottish Care, which represents nursing homes in Scotland. “The latter was therefore prioritized at the expense of social assistance.” At home farm, employees cannot understand where the virus came from, although they showed concern about it at the beginning of the emergencyGuests arrival again, Which were kept empty in some beds, some from hospitals and others from their homes. A difficult situation, which aroused the anger of the suffering families. Sky Local Council member John Gordon said, “People in nursing homes don’t have the voice like we do outside.” The 83-year-old father is one of 10 residents of the home. The farm died. He said, “The government has failed with our elders.” new York Times.

Staff reported sub-standard working conditions, with the administration asking them to use personal protective equipment next to patients with symptoms at the onset of the outbreak. What’s more, when they complained about the risk of transmission and even offered to temporarily relocate to the facility to avoid being a vehicle for the virus, management said beds should be filled Paying customers. When the first guests started experiencing coughs and high fever, it was April 27. A few days later the scandal came to light: 26 out of 52 employees were infected with 28 residents. Ten of them died. Police have also started investigating the deaths of three elderly people aged 84, 86 and 88 years after the health inspector has expressed serious concern about the care given at home. A spokesperson for HC-One said, “We believe the Home Farm needs improvement and therefore we apologize to our residents, their families and the local community.”

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