One or two punches are enough: Denmark doesn’t give Scotland a chance

One or two punches are enough: Denmark doesn't give Scotland a chance

Vaas und Mahle’s opening goals were to reach the end for the Dane to win against the unimaginable Scots. This means that “Danish Dynamite” is easily leading Group F.

Cheering Danes: A familiar photo at the Copenhagen Stadium after the successful EM.
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For the fourth match day of World Cup qualification, Denmark received Scotland, starting with Arsenal’s Tierney and Liverpool’s Robertson. Manchester United’s McTominay, who was reassured during the European Championship, was absent due to a groin operation. As for the home team, coach Kasper Hjulmond turned a little bit closer than EM – where the Danes made it to the semi-finals. Former Dortmund Delaney debut in midfield, Leipzig Poulsen made a stormy start from the start.

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And not only was he stormy from the start: the Danes were decisive in the game from the first minute and quickly took a 2-0 lead. First Vaas completed a Hjberg flank with his head (14th), tunneled after Scotland’s Gordon (15th) after Mahle took the ball with him a short time later. The opening double strike was followed by 30 minutes of quiet time, in which the Scots never came dangerously in front of Schmeichel’s box. However, as expected, the home side also shifted down two gears.

World Cup Qualification, Group F

The second round started more promising for the Scottish guests: Gilmour’s full shot went right behind the Dane’s left post (47th). But the brief excitement did not last long. Gradually, the game intensified again, although Robertson & Co. took possession of the ball.

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Schmeichel argued vigorously

At the start of the final ten minutes, Schmeichel had to save: the Leicester City number one dived after a shot by Fraser and swung the ball around the post (81st). The run also saw two harmless Danes try one last time: Larsson ran freely down the flank of Hjberg first, then East Munich only to have a leather lead on Gordon (87th).

This meant that Danish Dynamite’s opening double strike lasted until the end. Hazulmand’s team continues to lead Group F (12 points) and moves away from second place (Israel, seven points).

goals and cards

1:0Vaso (14′)

2:00Beautiful (15′)





referee team

ovidyu alin hattega

ovidyu alin hattega

game Info

The World Cup qualification Group F will continue next Saturday as well. Then Scotland and the Republic of Moldova face each other (8:45 p.m.), with the Faroe Islands challenging Denmark at the same time.

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