Open only in England in Gb

Open only in England in Gb

Facing the risks of the Omicron type of COVID, Scotland announces closure of nightclubs and discos for at least three weeks starting 27 December, Premises can remain open only if customers sit at tables respecting the distance of one meter. This means, according to the BBC, that after Christmas, nightclubs in the United Kingdom will be open only in England. Wales and Northern Ireland have already announced closures from 26 December.

boris Johnson meanwhile called on the British to “take extra precautions” on Christmas to protect themselves and their loved ones from Covid., Interviewed by the Sun, the British premier urged everyone to wear a mask when necessary, keep windows open and take a COVID test before visiting loved ones, especially if they are elderly or frail. He warned that the Omicron variant is “spreading across the country faster than we have ever seen before.”

While Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have implemented new restrictions, Johnson New measures ruled out before Christmas, Government sources cited by the BBC later said no new restrictions would be announced before 25 December.

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