Overtakes Croatia: Beats Scotland 3-1 to lead world runners-up at Euro 2020

Overtakes Croatia: Beats Scotland 3-1 to lead world runners-up at Euro 2020

Moved to second place on the basis of best one-on-one match against Czech Republic. Scots out of contention

Croatia gets the paw of the champions to qualify for the 16th round of Euro 2020. Modric and Perisic look to send Scotland 3-1 after goals from Vlasic and McGregor ended in a draw. The Croatian national team wins in Glasgow, due to goal difference, which closes Group D in second place behind England, who beat the Czech Republic 1–0, who still qualify.

Croatia and Scotland are looking for a win to qualify. Group D’s two rear lights, both with only one point, should be a complete smash at all costs if they still want to have their say in the competition and hope to advance to the Round of 16. Dalík lifts Brozovic to 1′, with Perisic and Vlasic backing Petkovic in the attack. Rebic, Braccalo and Kramrick stay outside. The news is also right wing in defense where Juranovic is preferred to Vrsaljko. Clarke opts for 3–5–2 and confirms the 10/11th team that held England to a defensive trio with McTominay at Wembley. Forward space to Dykes and Adams. For Gilmour to Kovid, McGuin takes his place. Croatia finds the advantage on the first opportunity, after 17 minutes: long action that leads to a cross from the right for a header in Perisic’s field: he collects Vlasic who hits the goalkeeper with his left hand – handed over. Scotland feel the pinch and Croatia’s doubling with Modric is likely to suffer. As the minutes pass, Clark’s men take their measurements and set out in search of a tie. Which comes in the last minutes of the first half: it’s 42′ When the short is dismissed by Vida, McGregor collects a ball over the boundary and slams the corner to the right of Livkovic with an exact right diagonal.

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In the second half the pace picks up immediately, even as a draw is of no use. Croatia lead the game with Scotland aiming to resume. For the Croatian with Perisic on the 11th occasion, who, however, finds Martial on his way out, but the Inter player’s position was offside. The Scots react almost immediately, with McGinn alarming. On 17′ comes the new Croatian advantage for a feat by Luka Modric: Guardiol’s cross from the short left of the Scottish field for insertion into Petkovic’s field, quick in making the bank towards Kovacic: No. 8 supports Modric’s Seema, the Croatian captain draws a first intention right winger who bags it into the far corner. At 33′ Croatia qualifies to reach the third goal that shows 16: kissing inside the post and ends up on the development of a winning corner kick by Perisic. Scotland tries to react and launches an attack. At 35′ he is dangerous with Adams but Livakovic resists a corner and accepts. The hosts try to shorten liberally but Croatia celebrates qualifying for the Round of 16 in anticipation of a triple whistle.

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