People Love Parc Clematis Condominium for 5 Reasons!

There is little doubt that the “Clementi” district is one of Singapore’s most popular areas. When word got out that Parc Clematis was going to open, there was a frenzy of activity! It’s easy to understand why.

Because there was a scarcity of private condominium property near the Clementi MRT station when parc clematis was launched, many people who lived in the West and wanted to upgrade chose Parc Clematis.

The Floor Plan

Parc Clematis offers a variety of bedroom types and parc clematis floor plan to suit the interests and demands of different family members. The Parc Clematis Condo Floor Plan includes a variety of options ranging from one to five bedrooms, making it ideal for both investors and families.

Here are five reasons why consumers have been flocking to Parc Clematis even throughout the COVID-19 season

  1. In Parc Clematis, the compound unit planning is exceptional

Parc Clematis is divided into four distinct unit classes that cater to a wide range of purchasers, each with a distinct lifestyle desire. Parc Clematis, unlike a cookie-cutter residential development, has more customisation within each apartment to better meet your lifestyle. There is a wide range of parc clematis price list distinctions between these groups.

The Signature apartment, which exudes a premium resort vibe, comes with smart home living amenities like an IOT gateway, smart plugs, air-conditioning management, and a digital lockset at your door. Perfect for the busy professional who requires a comfortable and clever living area to accommodate their hectic schedule.

This cutting-edge resort complex would be the dream of stylish and fun property owners, offering a diverse range of lifestyle amenities. With a cool monochrome grey outlook that exudes a timeless architectural aesthetic, life stays in style here.

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Elegance parc clematis balance units are closer to the leisure kids’ pool, eating pavilion, and other recreational amenities, perfect for both the young and the young at heart, with a refined earth-toned touch of Asian elegance in the architectural style.

For luxury enthusiasts seeking for a Masterpiece bungalow or terrace unit away from the hustle and activity of the rest of the estate, exclusivity is the name of the game. A Masterpiece property comes with its own private beautiful planted grounds, giving it a resort-style feel.

The popular dual key unit options are available in both 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units at Parc Clematis. Dual key condo units are made up of two flats that are connected by a common wall and are legally treated as one unit.

Purchasing a dual key unit allows buyers to avoid the ABSD by purchasing “two property sub-units.” As a result, a dual key unit is one of the most popular choices among Singaporeans.

2. The convenience of living in Clementi is unrivalled

Clementi Central malls are only 4-minutes away by vehicle from Parc Clematis, where you can shop for groceries at NTUC Fairprice, attend a movie, take care of your banking needs, and more. There are also a plethora of neighbourhood hawker centres, coffee shops, and marketplaces featuring many people’ favourite booths, all of which contribute to the area’s vibrancy.

Only one MRT station away, you’ll find yourself in Jurong East, where you’ll find Westgate, JEM, JCube, and IMM, as well as all of Singapore’s big retail brands.

3. Families with little children will like Parc Clematis

For families with school-aged children of all ages, the Clementi area is one of the best places to be. Parc Clematis is close to prominent educational facilities for all levels of education, from primary to tertiary. Families have the option of choosing this place for their children’s whole education.

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4. Tenants will love it, and investors will love it

The location of Parc Clematis caters to a large number of potential tenants who can afford luxury living. This comprises expats who work in the One-North business park, professors who work in adjacent tertiary institutes, and expats who work in the CBD but wish to live in a more residential region.

Parents looking for a property near the acclaimed Nan Hua Primary School would be drawn to it. Parc Clematis is the preferred choice of residents since it is larger than the other condominium complexes around, with more well-equipped and modern facilities.

5. The best option for those that want both functionality and luxury in their home

Apart from investors, Parc Clematis will appeal to owners who value convenience and practicality in addition to the luxury provided by the condo! The stunning beach-like pool, which is unlike any other condominium pool, takes centre stage across the enormous estate of 633,644 square feet.

Aside from that, owners will have plenty of options for relaxing throughout the estate, with three 50-metre lap pools, hot tubs, two jacuzzi alcoves, and a hydrotherapy pool.

There are also numerous pet-friendly dining and lounging pavilions and BBQ pits where you may relax or socialise with friends and furry companions.

This is likely one of the last releases in this popular older estate for younger purchasers who want to be closer to their parents. Two more condominiums, Regent Park and The Trilinq, as well as the Faber Hills landed enclave, flank the Jalan Lempeng luxury estate.


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