Players / Scotland / Scotsman arrested for throwing bottle at

Players / Scotland / Scotsman arrested for throwing bottle at

Lyon impresses France. France influences the world.

They have their share of champions in Scotland too. On Thursday, Barry McKay, who plays for Heart of Midlothian, was the target of bottle-throwing from Celtic Glasgow supporters. As he prepares to take a corner, the Scotsman is hit in the back by a bottle. He complains, the game is interrupted, but he takes his place and cannot escape his family’s defeat (1-0). The next day, local police announced that they had arrested a 24-year-old man, suspected of having fired the projectile.

“It wasn’t easy… it’s definitely linked to my past with Glasgow Rangers (Editor’s note where he was trained), I was hit by a bottle for the first time in my career. I think it was full. It was dangerous. I already had problems taking corners, but nothing was thrown at me yet” McKay explained. “It is clear that such behavior has no place with us, Celtic reacted in his favor. The club will conduct a thorough investigation and take all appropriate action. ,

Apparently the stupidity is not a Franco-French mistake.

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