Poor performance of British in Derby

Poor performance of British in Derby

The British derby led to a disappointing draw between England and Scotland (0-0) this Friday evening as part of the second day of Euro’s Group D.

The 115th Derby was the busiest in the streets and parks of London. England and Scotland neutralized each other (0-0) at Euros this Friday night in a disappointing match that was played in front of 22,000 spectators at Wembley and it was raining. It is the 26th time in history that the clash has ended in a draw, which is a Scottish selection business.

The second half was a little more interesting than the first. But overall, the game quality was not there. Unable to fully master the meeting and create a copy worthy of an outsider in the final victory, England despaired. Gareth Southgate’s game plan is hardly convincing, especially when it doesn’t allow Harry Kane to get the good ball and be less lonely in the tip. On the contrary, Raheem Sterling has shown a lot. But above all he was largely unsuccessful.

Group two finals

In the end each of the two teams had a chance. England were unlucky with John Stones (11th) finding the position quickly enough. Mason Mount was also very close to scoring in the stride (13th). In contrast, Scot was able to force Jordan Pickford into a very good reflex stop (31st), and Reece James a disaster defense at the front of his line (62nd). But between all these obvious opportunities and some other dangerous situations, the possession phases haven’t really been an advertisement of football.

With a win, England would have validated their ticket for the Round of 16. So they will have to wait till Tuesday (9 PM) for their third match, which will be like the final against Czech Republic for the Group D final. Scotland retains the possibility of continuing the competition. But for this, he will have to collect three points against Croatia. This hope was enough to bring a smile to the 2,500 Scottish spectators in the stands.

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