Pope Francis ‘likes’ account were questioned via Instagram after the photo

The Vatican is seeking an explanation from Instagram after Pope Francis’ account selected a photo of a Brazilian model wearing a schoolgirl’s photo.

  • Instagram users ‘like’ Papal under fierce photo of Natalia Garibotto
  • The Vatican claims that “like” can be excluded “came from the Holy See”
  • After the tragedy, Brazilian Madale joked: ‘At least I’m going to heaven.’

The Vatican is demanding answers after a shameful social media tragedy on Instagram in which the pope’s account ‘liked’ a bikini model sex picture.

‘I can teach you one or two things,’ said the eagle-eyed user, looking at Papal ‘like’ under the photo of Natalia Garibotto in the eyes of a schoolgirl with a caption.

The episode has been a source of joy but the Vatican says it is seeking an explanation from Facebook’s proprietary platform, along with an investigation into the Holy See.

“We can exclude that the” like “came from the Holy See, and he turned to Instagram for an explanation,” a Vatican spokesman said. Guardian.

The pope's official facial account appears to have more than 133,000 likes of the 27-year-old Brazilian model.

Pope Francis (right) Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto (left), 27, on the official facial Instagram account, ‘liked’ a racist photo of her in a school uniform.

Eagle Eyed social media user screenshot @ Francis's account likes a picture

Eagle Eyed social media user screenshot @ Francis’s account likes a picture

Garibotto joked on Twitter after discovering what had happened: ‘At least I’m going to heaven.’

She also linked her website with a light-hearted website query: ‘If Pope Francis wants that place, you should too.’

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The model’s management company, Koi Koi, also revealed that Garibotto took advantage of the “public pope’s official blessing.”

Legend has it, Pope Francis is subscribed [her website] Under a nickname, ‘they joked.

Francis ’account does not follow anyone on Instagram, and Popal social media is managed by a team of Vatican staff.

Vatican sources told the Catholic News Agency that an investigation is underway to determine what happened.

Brazilian model jokes 'at least I'll go to heaven' after social media tragedy

Brazilian model jokes ‘at least I’ll go to heaven’ after social media tragedy

The picture was originally placed on Garibotto’s account in early October, but it was not clear when Pontiff’s ‘Like’ appeared.

Popal’s clear approval was released on November 14 after warning the Vatican of the error.

The photo showed Miss Garibotto dressed in a short tartan skirt while packing books in a locker and receiving more than 160,000 choices in addition to the wrong directions.

The 27-year-old Brazilian has about 2.5 million followers on the website and also has a presence on Amazon-owned streaming website Twitch.



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