PR: Diageo presents Four Corners of Scotland Collection – and GlenConchi starts at 16yo

PR: Diageo presents Four Corners of Scotland Collection - and GlenConchi starts at 16yo

Gave yesterday Diego It is known that remodeling of Glenkinchie The distillery work in the Terai is complete and the distillery is expected to be open to visitors again from tomorrow (see our report) here) – Today is presenting the first of a four-part whiskey series called “Four Corners of Scotland”, which opens with a 16-year-old whiskey from Glenconchi and will then offer bottles from Cardu, Caola Ila and Clyline.

Glenconchi 16yo 50.7% is volume. Bottled – It will have 2502 bottles, in the UK (more accurately: at the distillery, since whiskey is only available there) the bottle costs 150 pounds.

Here is the official press release, in which you will also find tasting notes:

The Four Corners of Scotland collection, Glenconchi, is 16 years old.

Four Corners Glenconchi is 16 years old Is the first release from ‘Four Corners of Scotland Collection’. This limited-edition series of single malts is reminiscent of the transformation of brand houses in 2020 to Glencainchi, Cardhu, Kaol Ila and Clelesh. The four furnaces represent the ‘Four Corners of Scotland’ and the regional adaptations of the Terai (Glenconchi), the Spyside. Blending into the heart of Johnny Walker is crucial to the art of whiskey (Carduh), Issle (Kaol Ila) and Highland (Clyline).

Four Cornergenkin is 16 years old, available exclusively for purchase in Terai distillery. Mature in refills and freshly filled hogshead casks, this unique bottling RRSP will retail at £ 150 per 70cl, bottled in 50.6% ABV and available for just 2,502 bottles.

Four Corners Glenconchi is a fragrant, fresh and elegant example of a 16 year old with fruity notes of baked apples with subtle creamy traces of fake fragrance. The texture is luscious and smooth, opening with sweet flavors, followed by a rapid drying and spicy tones that are perfectly balanced by appetizing juicy acidity. Having an attractive taste of white pepper, the finish is elegantly dry and crisp. Reminiscent of the rural setting of the distillery, this exquisite aperitif malt brings a touch of vanilla ice cream, coping with a sharp freshness when the water splashes.

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