PR: New in the WhiskeyMax program – new bottles in the “Idols of Scotland” range

PR: New in the WhiskeyMax program - new bottles in the

whiskeymax, importer of brands like James Eddy Or House of McCallum, informs about the new bottles of its series “Idols of Scotland” from Glenburgie Distilleries, Inchgover, Knock Dhu and Tormore, each with a special finish.
Here is all the information:

“It depends on the personality.”

Scotland has earned great names throughout its centuries of history. Big names that still attract international attention today. with our series sculptures of scotland We pay tribute to some of the most outstanding Scottish personalities.

Each one stands out for the special finish of the whiskey in the barrel in a special pre-allocation, which gives the whiskey a special taste. Take for example Flora McDonald, the heroine of the last Scottish rebellion in 1746, whose portrait adorns our Calvados-Finnish whiskey from Inchgower. Or Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns in Knockdu 2016 with Marsala Finnish.

Our Rare Malt Manager has carefully selected barrels at Scottish distilleries. After the end of the final brewing, Scottish figs are adjusted for the strength of the drink.

Sculptures of Scotland – Sir Walter Scott
Jamaican Rum Cask Finish 2012
46,5% UVP 54,90

color: yellow straw

Fragrance: Sweet and hearty with a hint of oak, rich grain notes with a pleasant balance of fresh pear and lime.

Taste: Fresh and fruity with citrus drizzles, fruity gums and a hint of fresh ginger, with delicate spices behind.

Go out: Medium length, very fruity with apple and pear, delicate oak and lightly fading sweetness with mild spice

Sculptures of Scotland – Flora McDonald
Calvados Cask Finish 2009
46,5% UVP 60,90

color: light gold

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Fragrance: Distinctive spicy notes with hearty grains, crunchy apples and their skin, hints of dry oak.

Taste: Nice balance of citrus and sweet with green apple, a strong malt note and hints of spice and fresh ginger.

Departure: Medium to tall, very grainy with aromatic oak and a delicate blend of acidity and sweetness with hints of cinnamon in the finish.

knock dhoo
Sculptures of Scotland – Robert Burns
Marsala Cask Finish 2016
46,5% UVP 45,90

color: light gold

Aroma: Strong spice with white pepper and nutmeg, bay leaves with hints of clove behind them, hints of candied apple and bright pear.

Taste: Soft and fine with rock candy, a dry malt note and aromatic spiciness of clove and nutmeg.

Departure: Medium length, apple and pear play with sweet grain notes, delicate tartness in the finish.

Sculptures of Scotland – Robert the Bruce
Moscatel keg finished 2015
46,5% UVP 47,90

color: delicate rose

Fragrance: Delicate sweetness, malt notes accented with pepper nuts and gingerbread spice, followed by hints of chocolate with hints of vanilla and pear.

Taste: Pleasantly sweet with a rich grain note, apple and pear rinds, behind which are light herbs with hints of vanilla and sea buckthorn.

Departure: Medium-tall, salty with a delicate, fading sweetness, herbs and a pinch of black pepper in the finish.


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