Prime Minister Sturgeon against Trump: “No Golf in Scotland to Avoid Biden’s Oath”

Prime Minister Sturgeon against Trump:

London. Nikola Sturgeon Vs Donald Trump. The skirmish is also offered between the Scottish Prime Minister and the tycoon in the last days of the US presidency: because, according to rumors published by the Scottish media, Trump is en route to Scotland – the country of his mother, Mary Anne McLeod – from Inauguration of his successor to escape Joe Biden, This smoothie.

Shock – Last time he did the same Andrew Johnson, In 1869 – Former President St Andrews will consume it by playing at his golf club in Cross Nation. A possibility that has already provoked a reaction from the Scottish Premier.

It all started with a scoop from the local newspaper Sunday Post: To be precise, the military version of the Boast 757, an American aircraft is expected to land on January 19, outside Glasgow, according to airport sources from Prestwick Airport. Wait a moment, January 19, 2021? As it happens, it is the day before the inauguration of Joe Biden’s new president in Washington.

What about a military Boeing 757? This is similar to the way the American Vice President travels. Mike pence I la first lady Melania Trump. And then there’s another delicious coincidence (or clue): Prestwick Airport is just an hour’s drive from the outgoing President Turnberry Golf Club on the Ayrshire coast. The second factory, on the other hand, is located in Aberdeenshire.

No confirmation from the White House. But, when asked about the issue by local journalists, the first Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon responded in advance: “At the moment we are in lockdown against Coronavirus, and we do not let anyone in the base go without a necessary motivation . This is a rule that applies to everyone, even possibly his (Donald Trump) Ed). Coming to Scotland to play golf is not enough motivation ”. Donald and Nicola, the fight has probably just begun. Who will get it?

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