Prince Charles: His appearance in a lehenga during his visit to Scotland

Prince Charles: His appearance in a lehenga during his visit to Scotland

Three consecutive visits in a day, all dressed in a lehenga. NS prince charles Traveled to the city of Caithness, Scotland, this Thursday, July 29. son ofElizabeth II Alan and Dorcas went to Scrabuster Beach to meet Sinclair, two founders of a beach cleaning association. A beautiful initiative that Prince Charles was more than willing to congratulate personally. Association volunteers were also present and were able to show the Duke of Cornwall the amount of waste collected. There are “syringes, needles and even a gas mask,” according to the “Daily Mail,” for example.

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Organizations essential to the daily lives of residents

Prince Charles then continued his day in the city of Thurso. There he visited a veterinary clinic, DS McGregor and Partners Veterinary Surgery. He was able to discuss with the nursing staff, surgeons and nurses, as well as residents, whom he did not fail to embrace.

an idea for the queen mother

His last date of the day took him to the House of the North Gate. A very popular home for Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon that has just been restored. Prince Charles was able to discuss with the artisans working, and even visit the gardens. They also planted a tree to celebrate the reopening of the place. A very commendable visit, as it had been two years since Prince Charles visited Caithness.

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