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Steve Clarke versteht Österreichs Entscheidung

Scotland’s team boss Steve Clarke has expressed “one hundred percent sympathy” for the position in the Austrian national team ahead of the opening game at the World Cup qualifying next Thursday. The Scottish Federation offered to “stay fair” for the exchange of house rights, the 57-year-old said in an online media meeting. However, this caused the Austrians the problem that they had three games in September.

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At Hampden Park in Glasgow, GlFB will have to be selected without all of Germany’s Legionnaires, and Adrian Grabić, who is under contract with Lorient in France, should not be. Had domestic rights been interchanged, coach Franco Foda’s team would have played three home matches against the Scots, the Faroe Islands (28 March) and Denmark (31 March). In September, however, three away games in Moldova (1 September), Israel (4 September) and Scotland (7 September) will be waiting.

Clarke said, “I can understand your reasoning why they didn’t want that because we had the same situation last November. When we played in Israel, the third game on this road trip, mentally and physically was very It was dry. ” . In the end, he said that Austria was “clearly confident that they would bring a good team from Germany without all these players.”


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