Queen Elizabeth II creates good mood in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II holds the opening sign for Holyrood Week 2022 in front of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.  (photomontage).
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Queen Elizabeth II holds the opening sign for Holyrood Week 2022 in front of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. (photomontage). © Findlay Rankin/Imago/Jane Barlow/dpa

Since Queen Elizabeth II stepped down, there are often several weeks between her public appearances. When the Emperor finally steps back in front of the camera, the joy of seeing you again is even greater. In Scotland, the Good-humored Queen is celebrated.

Edinburgh – Queen Elizabeth II (96) has retired to Windsor Castle in recent months and only leaves her residence for appointments that are truly close to her heart and high on her agenda. It also includes “Holyrood Week” in Scotland.

A week dedicated to the Taj: Queen Elizabeth II opens “Holyrude Week”

that Queen Elizabeth II Will travel north for this year’s “Holyrood Week”, the royal family only made it public at short notice. Every year at the end of June, the Regent and his family travel to Scotland for a week to celebrate the country and its people. The Queen will be staying at Holyrood Palace, her official Scottish residence, during her visit.

Queen Elizabeth visited Edinburgh with the “Ceremony of the Keys” at the royal week. The Queen was presented with the keys to the city, which, as is customary, were entrusted to representatives of the Scottish capital. in his first public appearance since Big Jubilee Celebrations in London The 96-year-old had to support herself on her walking stick, but it didn’t spoil her mood.

Queen Elizabeth II just smiles at her health concerns

With a beaming smile on her face, Queen Elizabeth faced the dark clouds over Holyrood Palace. Prince Edward (58) and Countess Sophie (57) as well as followers of the royal family were excited about her performance. Positive comments like “It’s great to see her like this” or “She looks fabulous” can be found under short clips shared by the royal family on Instagram.

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The fact that Queen Elizabeth herself opened “Holyrood Week” in Scotland caused a wave of excitement among fans. © Screenshot/Instagram/theroyalfamily

The fact that the monarch is doing better and feels fitter is proven not only by his visit to Scotland. Recently a source close to her revealed that Queen Elizabeth is back in riding after a long break. Sources Used: Instagram/theroyalfamily


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