Queen Elizabeth II is shining again: She’s doing great in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II is shining again: She's doing great in Scotland
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Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed with an official ceremony at Balmoral Castle. The Queen seemed more relaxed and happier at the reception than she had long ago.

Aberdeenshire – Even before Queen Elizabeth II (95) began her vacation, some palace insiders were still concerned: how would she cope with her first summer without Prince Philip (99, 2021)? Could she have even come to rest at Balmoral Castle, where so many memories of her late husband awaited?

Obviously, however, the concerns appear to be unfounded. Looks like the Queen is thriving in Scotland! At the traditional reception of the Military Honor Guard, the Queen was more cheerful and in a good mood than she had long ago. Her outfit in bright pink was at stake with hers.

The 95-year-old inspected the guards first and of course, as a longtime horse fan, he didn’t miss the opportunity to personally greet a Shetland pony belonging to the military.
How long Queen Elizabeth II will be in Scotland and which members of the royal family will visit her at Balmoral Castle, 24royal.de * knows. *24royal.de an offer from ippn.media.

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