Queen Elizabeth II: Smiling with a cane: surprise appearance in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II: Smiling with a cane: surprise appearance in Scotland

first time since platinum anniversary taken in early june Queen Elizabeth II Another placement outside the palace is true. 96 year old seen with her youngest son Prince Edward (58) and his wife Countess Sophie of Wessex (57) At the ceremony of “handing over the keys to the Palace of Holyroodhouse”. The Maharani challenges the rain with a wide smile on her face. He also wore a light blue suit with a matching hat and pearl jewellery.

Queen Elizabeth II: Her Appearance Surprising

No one expected the arrival of the queen, as the number of queens has increased in recent months canceled appointmentsWhen he was not well. 96-year-olds are particularly troubled mobility problemsHis knee is hurting, according to a former palace spokesman dickie arbiter (81) Om Namah. On Monday, the Regent was feeling much better – and decided to attend the appointment in Scotland. The Queen made her presence felt by leaning loosely on her cane, holding it in gloved hands. Recently, Queen Elizabeth II has attended several appointments at Windsor Castle without stick,

Queen Elizabeth II: First appearance since platinum anniversary

The 96-year-old celebrated his 70-year reign with a weekend in early June full of emotion, the parade And appointment in his honor. However, the Queen rarely attended many events in person, as the workload was too much for the elderly monarch. his people know him anyway how much the event means to him, Royal fans were delighted to see the Queen in Edinburgh, Scotland. With her presence, she made it clear that she was doing well given the circumstances and that she is still dominance Keeps in hands. Despite her health restrictions, Queen Elizabeth II still attends many appointments in person – and is prepared to explore alternatives. For example, she appeared in a golf cart at the Royal Horse Windsor Show. Due to which he showed people how important some special occasions are for him.

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You can see photos of the event – and the hidden message behind the Queen’s appearance – in the video!


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